20-th Anniversary of RADCOR 1996

3-rd International Symposium on Radiative Corrections in Kraków, August 1-5, 1996

* Original webpage was luckily found recently HERE

Local Organizing Committee was chaired by S. Jadach

Members: A. Białas, M. Jeżabek, J. Kwieciński, M. Skrzypek, Z. Wąs and K.Zalewski from Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN.

Most of the organisation tasks were done by S. Jadach with substantial help of M. Skrzypek.

NOTE: The acronym CRAD96 was at the time chosen ad hoc (CRAcow+RADiative). Only for the next, 4-th, conference in Barcelona the acronym RADCOR was established for this biannual series, which continues until today.

The International Advisory Board (IAB) was numerous: G.Altarelli, W.Bardeen, D.Y.Bardin, F.A.Berends, S.Bethke, M.Bohm,A.Blondel, S.Brodsky, A.Buras, P.Burrows, N.Dombey, F.Dydak, J.Ellis, J.Fujimoto, W.Hollik, V.A.Khoze, R.Kleiss, K.Kuhn, W.Marciano, B.Pietrzyk, S.Pokorski, T.Riemann, C.Sachrajda, A.Sirlin, B.F.L.Ward and S.Weinberg.

Most active IAB members helping to set up scientific program were Guido Altarelli and Bennie Ward. The programme was divided evenly between Electroweak physics and QCD. Summary talk on EW physics was given by Guido Altarelli and summary on QCD by Nigel Glover.

Conference proceeding were published in Acta Physica Polonica B28 (1997) no.3-4, ed. S.Jadach, M.Skrzypek, Z.Wąs. It includes 25 contributions. For complete schedule, list of talks/speakers, see original webpage HERE

Conference site was at the prestigious place, on the Wawel Royal Castle hill, in the historic centre of Kraków city, the dark red building on Wisła river bank on the poster photo.

Social activity: We were going out twice: the picnic was in the garden of the town museum (next to famous Planty) and the conference dinner was held in a big cavern 100m underground in the Wieliczka Salt Mine (suburb of Kraków). Lunches were served at the conference site.

——————— Some photos ————————

Main local organisers: S. Jadach and M. Skrzypek

During coffee break (middle photo; Bennie Ward, Edward Kuraev and S.J.) :

Picnic in the garden of the town museum:

Banquet in the Wieliczka Salt Mine (100m underground):

Summary talks by N.Glover and G.Altarelli:

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