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Piotr Kotko

Department of Physics
Penn State University
University Park, 16803 PA, USA

email: pxk19 (-at-) psu.edu

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++ My software ++

C++ Monte Carlo program to simulate collisions at low-x

Off-shell Gauge Invariant
Matrix Elements

Info about me
I obtained my PhD in 2012 at the Jagiellonian University (Cracow) in the field of theoretical physics. Next I was a postdoc in the Institute of Nuclear Physics (Cracow). Since September 2014 I'm postdoc at Penn State.

Research interests
Currently I work on high energy processes occurring at small x, in particular in the saturation domain. I'm also interested in some topics related to the multi parton interactions (MPIs). In parallel I work on scattering amplitudes and their relation to Wilson lines.

In the past I worked on heavy quarks in the context of jets and massive collinear factorization (so called ACOT scheme). See my PhD thesis here. Unfortunately, it has never been fully implemented in a Monte Carlo program...

I'm also interested in low-energy QCD, in particular I did some calculations within nonlocal chiral quark models in the context of exclusive processes and various distribution amplitudes.